Our Brands

We have been familiar with brand building and maintenance for 70 years. Our customers have been swearing by Esda and ROGO for generations.

With LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop we are expanding our portfolio with a sustainable yet fashionable line that meets the highest demands for modern fine tights.


LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop

With the goal: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we produce innovative and fashionable fine hosiery products under the label “LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop” which are manufactured as sustainably and forward-looking as possible.

Because we at Esda are aware of the challenge of meeting the desire for fashionable self-expression in times of constantly growing consumption. With “LOOKS by Wolfgang Joop” fine hosiery products we emphasise high-quality and mindfully processed materials that should be made accessible to everyone.  Quality is our promise.




Esda: these are fine stockings that have been known and loved for over 70 years.

The name Esda (Erzgebirgische Spezial Damenstrümpfe Auerbach) originated at the height of fine stocking production in Saxony, when millions of ladies’ stockings were produced here and delivered to many parts of Europe.

Today, the modern fine stockings and tights of the Esda brand stand for affordable style and modern elegance, are comfortable and inspire with an optimal fit – for distinctive, beautiful legs.




Stockings under the name ROGO (Robert Götze Oberlungwitz) have been around since 1886 and the brand is largely responsible for Oberlungwitz’s reputation as a stocking town.

Today ROGO is known for the finest hosiery creations and first-class quality. The knitted hosiery products made from sustainable materials impress customers big and small with clever details and perfect craftsmanship. ROGO, put it on and feel good.