With us you are always on the safe side

Just producing hosiery is not enough for us. We feel obliged to the people behind it as well as to nature and stand by our responsibility. For this reason we are regularly inspected and certified by independent testing institutes for social and ecological standards.

Sustainable organic products from Germany

From the cotton boll to the thread, the dyeing and processing, from the knitting until finally a finished sock is in the hands of the customer, it takes many steps as well as chemicals and raw materials. Worldwide, almost a quarter of the available insecticides are used on cotton fields. Through media coverage and the proliferation of product tests where questionable ingredients are found, consumer awareness of the issue of sustainability has increased more and more.

Esda Strumpfwerke faces up to this responsibility and demand. That is why all our knitted hosiery is Oeko-Tex certified and most of it is GOTS certified. Our cotton comes from the BioRe project in India and Tanzania. By supporting BioRe, we are jointly making a valuable contribution to nature and people, as it serves to promote organic cotton cultivation, fair trade and toxin-free textile production.

For small batch sizes and individual products up to the upper price segment, we have a production facility in Germany. Here, you get the best processed, individual knitted hosiery and can rely on sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. Our production chain is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified and fully traceable at all stages.