Professional logistics for fast and uncomplicated delivery

We offer comprehensive services for your private label products. This includes transport, storage and coordination. Thanks to short transport routes, modern equipment and competent specialist staff, we guarantee punctual deliveries worldwide. For large deliveries, we also offer you interim storage.

The large-scale Esda central warehouse

Our central warehouse, conveniently located on the motorway, with a total storage capacity of 5 million stock keeping units (SKU’s), is at your disposal for professional storage, professional management and on-time delivery.

The modern, high-performance high-bay warehouse has a capacity of 15,000 storage spaces, while the sorting warehouse has an area of over 4,000 m². This space allows for intermediate storage of your orders and precise or successive delivery. Our modern warehouse management system ensures constant stock monitoring. Inventory information can be automatically recorded and batch sizes reliably defined.


Hourly delivery: Our reliable shipping service

Thanks to our IT system, we ensure optimal availability of goods. Our order processing ensures delivery to the hour. We ship your goods worldwide via a parcel service or carrier of your choice. Of course, we also prepare the shipping documents and take care of suitable outer packaging including pallet protection. Punctuality and reliability are our top priorities.

Order picking

The trade’s demand for individual order picking in warehouse logistics has always evolved. At Esda, a qualified and professionally trained team is at your disposal for order picking. Our staff efficiently assemble your goods into new shipping units (pallets, parcels or sample consignments) according to your specific specifications. Your consignments are then labelled, coded with barcodes, RFID and similar systems and provided with price information. If required, we can also relabel your consignments in the end consumer packaging customary in your country. We pick in a variety of ways and combine customer orders with several items (serial picking).